Cold storage business plan in india

Currently, while its revenue is based on a business-to-business model, ColdEX wants to reach the end customer the people who eat the burgers and fries as part of its integrated services. The cold chain business in India also faces many of the same issues challenging the entire supply chain business globally: Generally, you can set up this business with the financial help from banks.

According to National Food Processing Policy,full exemption from excise duty has been extended to poultry and meat products when it comes to installation of cold storage or refrigerated vehicle. Build The Cold Storage The next step is building the warehouse and installing the machinery.

The Government of India has recognised the need to nurture the cold chain industry and has introduced several incentives to achieve its objectives.

Cold Storage Market in India 2015-2020 -Survey Report from Research & Markets

Storage structures can help to store seasonal produce for which year-round demand exists and to create buffer stocks stabilizing food prices for producers and consumers alike [9]. It helps in commencing the business properly, getting finance and ensures smooth operations.

Although there is an abundance of food in the country, disorganised supply chains fail to transport, store and distribute produce effectively.

A Sample Cold Storage Business Plan Template

A detailed community profile for Northern Kentucky can be viewed here. Loss in product quality due to poor handling methods is also an important consideration. The digitisation of the market can also improve the value chain operation of the seafood industry.

India's Cold Chain and Cold Storage Sector - The Status Quo A pivotal difference in agricultural supply and value chains in developed and developing nations is, that in the former unbroken cold chains for post harvest production exist, whereas many producers in less developed nations often struggle with limited storage options and even access to basic cold storage structures; access to cold storage, especially for small-scale farmers, is extremely limited.

The 50 new positions will provide employment opportunities in the region, and the additional public storage will benefit local small businesses. The food processing industry in the past few years has garnered significant government attention, with the financial outlay increased from Rs 6.

However, operators should substitute their own figures when making a similar calculation. And to further ease the problem, he has exempted customs duty on crucial refrigeration units needed to produce refrigerated vehicles.

The firm is growing at a rate of 50 per cent month on month. Jubin Mehta Gaurav Jain is a gritty entrepreneur.

How to Start a Cold Storage Equipment & Supplies Business

Also intra-country differences with regards to cold storage capacity stand out: Licious Team What drives online meat selling market. ColdEX is a great example of a traditional Indian business that can leverage technology and keep up with the times to give the newly venture funded startups a run for their money.

The startup delivers to more than 17, customers per month. Jun 04,  · How to start Cold Storage and Cold Chaine Business In India | Business Ideas Low Budget Business, Low Budget Business In India, Farm Business Plan and Farming Business will.

This bundle offers you everything you need including a sample warehouse- cold storage plan, business plan template to quickly create, edit, and print an professional formatted business plan, step-by-step business plan guide to walk you through the processes of creating a business plan one step at a time, A business plan presentation template, financial statement worksheets covering cash flow.

This business can be ideally started in the locations especially in the hot climates of southern states of India like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh etc.

Almost every State in India is suitable for this business. All the required knowledge and experience in the many areas of cold chain logistics have now been brought together in this group of international, independent professionals with.

"A cold storage facility in the port itself will be of great use to exporters of perishable cargo", he said. Download The Times of India News App for Latest City News. Read Post a comment.

How to Start a Cold Storage Business

ABOUT US We are the leading integrated temperature-controlled logistics service provider operating on pan-India basis. Our temperature controlled warehouses are set up adjacent to cities with a large potential for sourcing and/or consumption of temperature sensitive products.

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